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If you are wondering in which region Sinop is, we can simply answer as the Black Sea Region. Located in the middle part of the Black Sea Region, the city is built on the area known as Boztepe Cape. Sinop map location is located in the northernmost point of Turkey and at the farthest point of the Black Sea. In addition to its natural beauties, it attracts the attention of many local and foreign tourists with its historical structures. Sinop is among the rare places in the city center that have the feature of swimming. Sinop has nine districts in total. These counties are; Gerze, Türkeli, Durağan, Boyabat, Ayancık, Erfelek, Dikmen, Saraydüzü and Sinop center. Among these districts, the place with the lowest population is Saraydüzü; The district with the highest density is known as the center. Located in the Black Sea Region, Sinop has the distinction of being the only natural harbor of the region. The history of Sinop goes back to very old years. Sinop is an extremely important city as it has hosted many civilizations. It is thought that the first settlement in the region was in the Bronze Age. The city’s feature of being a port of the Black Sea was also very important in Antiquity. In different years, it is under the protection of different civilizations such as Hittite, Phrygian, Persian, Roman and Byzantine. In the following years, it remained under the rule of the Seljuk, Candaroğlu and finally the Ottoman Empire. The oldest name of the city is known as Sinope. Throughout history, Sinop has been referred to as a castle city. It is also in a very strategic position for trade between Anatolia and Crimea. One of the features that make Sinop valuable for the people of this geography is the fact that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited this city before he set foot in Samsun. In addition to these, Sinop Prison, located in the center of Sinop, is among the most visited tourist attractions today. In some parts of the venue, which has hosted many TV series and movies, things reminiscent of movies are exhibited.


Sinop Map and Directions
First of all, the answer to the question of where is Sinop is very important in order to understand the transportation network. Located in the middle part of the Black Sea Region, the city is a transit point. Bordering with Kastamonu in the west, Samsun in the east, and Çorum in the south, the city is located in the north of the Black Sea. Unlike other cities, the center of Sinop is at the far end; It is located at the junction of Boztepe Cape with the land. If you ask how to go to Sinop to see its unique nature and culture, there are many transportation alternatives. It is possible to reach Sinop from all over Turkey by road, air or sea. Considering the Sinop map, it is quite easy to calculate the distance to some provincial centers. While the distance between Sinop and Istanbul is 709 km; The distance between Sinop and Ankara is determined as 430 km. The distance between Sinop and Trabzon is calculated as 430 km. There are reciprocal bus services from almost every city in Turkey to Sinop. While traveling with your own vehicle, you can provide easy transportation by taking advantage of maps and smart devices where you can get directions to Sinop.

Sinop Weather and Climate
Sinop is known as a region where Eastern and Western Black Sea climate characteristics prevail together. The temperature differences between the seasons are generally low. The province is open to north winds due to its location. For this reason, the wind is effective throughout the year. Except for a certain period of summer months, the whole year is humid and rainy. Especially in the northern part of the city, the Black Sea climate type is dominant. As you move towards the south, the position of the mountains towards the sea changes. For this reason, the effect of the Black Sea climate is decreasing. In these regions, precipitation is less and the temperature is lower. In general, this region is under the influence of the steppe climate. Precipitation is quite regular compared to months. While the months with the most precipitation are December and January, the months with the least precipitation are July and August. Considering the annual average temperature data of Sinop weather condition, the highest temperature is about 34 degrees and the lowest temperature is about -7 degrees.


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