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Şanlıurfa, which was married to civilization by a historical person, is referred to as the “city of prophets” in a place related to the events that took place. Are you going to plan the exciting historical places such as Balıklıgöl, Harran Houses, Göbeklitepe and Halfeti and what to do before exploring Şanlıurfa?

1- See Balıklı Lake


Balıklıgöl is one of the places that must be completed before coming to Şanlıurfa. It will be used to purchase up to the same Prophet from one of such famous ones of Balıklı, one of the most user lake areas in the city in a time. It is believed that the prophet Abraham was thrown into the fire while he was being educated by people who were not made to spread his faith by idolatry, and that fire and wood turned into water at that moment. The fish that are lived in Balıklıgöl, which is considered sacred as it is today, are not touched today, and many tourists flock to Şanlıgöl every year for the place where they live.

2- Travel to history at Göbeklitepe


Göbeklitepe is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. You can rent a car from the city center or join the day tours from the city center to come to Göbeklitepe, which is about 22 kilometers from the city, which draws the Örencik village. The full breath designer of the Harran Plain and the Taurus Mountains, which you will come across while wandering through the history of Göbektepe.

3- Watch from the castle

Enjoy the review of Şanlıurfa Castle, which is located in a place overlooking the city. The works of art are worthwhile with the majid and cistern building up to the project, the castle construction in Harran, and the Harran Gate and Mahmudoğlu Tower sections in the castle, which is estimated to be built during the Abbasid period. If you are taking photos, you can capture great shots of your day here. The pleasure of watching the used historical city just before sunset, especially in the mornings at sunrise…

4- Enjoy the flavor of the city’s trade

Şanlıurfa is not one of the detailed history and buildings. You can taste delicious food while walking around the city. The legendary liver in the morning of the city, which is known for its spicy flavors, is one of the top things to taste at any time of the day, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. You can go to the Curununerci Aziz Usta, which is a good place for liver in Şanlıfa. Tasting the kebabs passing through the chirping may be one of the first-come-first-served places. For a dessert after dinner, Ice Cream Shop Zeki’s famous künefe is the place. If you come to the city in the summer, the ice creams here are definitely worth trying. You can find a budget-friendly hotel alternative to stay in Şanlıurfa at the end of the taste tour.

5- Be amazed in Halfeti


Halfeti, a district of Şanlıurfa, is also a settlement plan of a history around 855 BC. Assyrian King III. The waters of Salmanassar’s obsolete state, which has remained under the Birecik Dam today. It is possible to find the remains of this whole family in the administration of different civilizations such as Hit, Assyrian, Persian Macedonian and in every stone of Halfeti. Halfeti, which came under Ottoman rule during the reign of Yavuz Sultan Selim, was known as “Rumkale” in this period. Today, it is possible to come across a large number of both above and below it with organized boat tours.

6- See the interesting houses of Harran


Harran houses are among the works that surprise those who come to Şanlıurfa with their surprising and natural insulation system. These houses, which keep cool in the summer in harmony with the climatic conditions of the region, live in the realities of these days. A livable experience with local people by getting to know the Culture House, which has been restored and opened to visitors.

7- Enjoy the mirra

Mirra, a type of coffee with a bitter taste and an Arabian geography, is one of the most famous flavors that can be tasted in Şanlıurfa. Small coffee shop with traditional design is served with a small one. Mirra is served to the guests according to their age.


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