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Amasya has a different beauty in almost every corner of it. The city, which is one of these beauties, offers its guests a history to explore with its thousands of years of history. Although the exact date of its establishment is not known, it is known that its history dates back to the Hattians. These lands, which passed to the Hittites after the Hattians, are under the domination of deep-rooted civilizations such as Phrygian, Cimmerian, Persian, Med, Pontus. The city, which came under Phrygian domination during the reign of King Midas, was later conquered by the Cimmerians from the Caucasus. The fact that the city is always a field of struggle also reveals its importance.

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It becomes a province of the Roman Empire together with the Pontus. The city, which remained under the rule of the Byzantine Empire for a long time, began to be dominated by the Turks after the Turkish raids that started in 1071. After this point, after 100 years of domination of the Danishmends in the region, it was included in the borders of the Seljuks and later the Ottoman Empire. Amasya, also known as the city of princes during this period, was an important sanjak to go to for throne training. Amasya, with all its historical richness and cultural background, is one of the rare cities that has used the same name for thousands of years. Its name is thought to come from the Amazon queen Amasis. The name Amaseia or Amasia is also encountered on Greek and Roman coins. After the settlement of the Turks, it continues as Amasya until today. As an answer to the question of which region is Amasya, the city located in the Central Anatolian part of the Black Sea Region is also a transition region. This city, which offers a different geography with its location just behind the Black Sea, is also quite advanced in agricultural activities. Amasya tourism activities allow everyone to have a holiday that suits them. The history of Amasya, which has hosted many civilizations and whose effects you can see, allows you to spend every moment of your city tour to the fullest. There are many activities and places to visit in this city, which has many points to see in the region. One of the opportunities to get to know the region better can be to attend the Amasya International Atatürk Culture Festival. This festival, which is usually held in June, is organized according to the date of 12 June, when Atatürk came for the liberation struggle. In this way, it is one of the best opportunities to see both historical and unique activities and activities of the region.


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