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Perge, one of the leading cities of Pamphylia, was founded on a wide plain between two hills, 4 kilometers west of the Kestros (Aksu) River

The Ancient City of Perge is an important city in terms of planning in the context of the Late Classical, Hellenistic and predominantly Roman Imperial periods. The plan applied in the acropolis in the Late Classical Period was carried to the lower city with the expansion in the Hellenistic Period. Within the framework of urban planning, the columned street that forms the north-south axis of the lower city is noteworthy as a well-preserved example. On the other hand, the water channel that runs through the middle of the columned street in the north-south direction is an important design in this sense. The canal, together with the four monumental fountain structures and two large baths in the city, gave Perge a “water city” identity on the warm Pamphylia plain. The defense system, which was built in the Hellenistic Period and repaired in the Roman Imperial Period and Late Antiquity, is another element that makes Perge stand out. The fortification wall, towers, bastions and gates around the lower city are mostly still standing. Considering the Acropolis walls, Perge appears as a valuable source of information about ancient military architecture. Perge Ancient City is recommended to the UNESCO World Heritage List with the above-mentioned qualities.

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Perge Ruins

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