Izmir, which is located in the Aegean Region in the west of Turkey and is the 3rd largest city in Turkey with a population of close to 5.5 million, hosts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year with its historical and natural beauties.

It is possible to encounter an impressive historical treasure and a striking monument at every corner in Izmir, one of Turkey’s most important trade, fair and student cities

Izmir, which hosts lively squares such as Konak Square and Gundogan Square at all hours of the day; It has many different beauties with its walking paths along the coast, historical streets decorated with classical Aegean houses, rich museums and sightseeing areas. We have listed the places you can visit in Izmir, which is famous for its azure seas, hotels and beaches that appeal to every budget, and its districts, each of which is a holiday paradise. You can start to discover the historical and natural beauties of Izmir via Tatildegel.com.

Cesme, one of the most popular holiday resorts not only in Izmir but also in Turkey, is only 86 kilometers away from the center of Izmir. With its always sunny weather, healing waters, magnificent blue flag beaches and advanced tourism opportunities, Çeşme, with a population of 46,000, welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

Cesme, which is named after the spring waters around it and has a rich history dating back to ancient times, has been an important settlement throughout history due to both its quality drinking water and its moving port. You will find the chance to swim in the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean, such as Altınkum Beach, Diamond Beach, Ilıca Beach and Aya Yorgi Beach in Çeşme, which offers a pleasant holiday with Çeşme Castle, Çeşme Museum, caravanserais from the Ottoman period and healing hot springs. The district, where you can stay in stylish boutique hotels, is the most popular holiday paradise of Izmir with its lively entertainment life.

Alaçatı, which is a touristic town of Çeşme district and located 8 kilometers from Çeşme and 75 kilometers from İzmir centre, is famous for being the windsurfing and water sports center of Turkey. The windsurfing schools and water sports centers around Alaçatı Beach and Ilıca Beach attract holidaymakers from all over the world in Alaçatı, a popular holiday destination with its cobblestone streets decorated with classical Aegean houses, quality boutique hotels, stylish cafes, restaurants and peaceful atmosphere.

In Alaçatı, which is one of the most convenient places to do water sports in Turkey due to the wind 360 days a year, you can stay in boutique hotels converted from historical stone houses, walk along the charming streets decorated with bougainvillea, and enjoy fresh seafood at fish restaurants.

Alsancak, a district of Izmir’s Konak district, is one of the places where the heart of social life beats in Izmir with its historical places as well as lively squares and streets. You should definitely stop by Alsancak on your Izmir trip to take evening walks in Kordon, which offers magnificent sea views, to visit historical houses, to shop on the always lively Cyprus Martyrs Street, and to mingle with the crowd in Gündoğdu Square. Alsancak, where many quality hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants are located, is among the most preferred places in Izmir for accommodation.

Located only 38 kilometers from the center of Izmir, Urla is a very popular touristic town that has been inhabited since ancient times. Urla, located between Güzelbahçe, Seferihisar, Çeşme and Karaburun, dates back to BC. It is home to many ancient cities and treasures, dating back to 4000 years. Olive cultivation still holds an important place in Urla, which was the olive oil production center of ancient times.

Although it preserves its natural atmosphere, the district also develops tourism opportunities; Urla marina, boutique hotels, entertainment venues, as well as walking paths and blue flag beaches that offer magnificent views of the 12 Islands and Izmir Bay, are ideal places for both vacation and historical and cultural tours. You can visit the antique shops and handicraft workshops on Urla Art Street, and you can buy organic products and local delicacies brought from the surrounding villages in the famous Malgaca Bazaar. In Urla, which has beautiful blue flag beaches such as Melengeç Beach, Altınköy Beach, Demircili Beach, Bodrum Bay and Çeşmealtı Beach, you can swim in the deep blue waters in summer.

Kordon, one of the most well-known streets of Izmir and stretching along the coast in Alsancak, is among Izmir’s constant travel addresses. Covering the coastline between İzmir Cumhuriyet Square and İzmir Port, Kordon was opened to the public after 150 meters of the sea was filled.

You can also enjoy the nostalgic tram in Kordon, where the filling works were stopped after it was declared a protected area in 1999. Kordon, which is lively at all hours of the day with its walking paths, grass resting areas, cafes and bicycle paths offering beautiful Aegean views, is one of the most lively and popular places in Izmir. A trip to Izmir would not be complete without a walk in Kordon.

Taking its name from the cute seals that lived in the region in ancient times, Foça is 70 kilometers from İzmir. Located on a peninsula between Çandarlı and İzmir Bay, Foça has been a strategically important place throughout history as it is a natural harbor. Today, Foça; It is one of the most popular holiday spots of Izmir with its calm atmosphere, classical houses, walking paths along the coast, colorful fishing boats and cute cafes.

B.C. The Temple of Athena, which was built in 500 years, the oldest ancient theater in Anatolia, the famous Herodotus Wall, the Beş Kapılar Castle built by the Genoese in the 11th century, the Devil’s Bath, the beautiful windmills on Değirmenli Tepe, is one of the constant addresses of Izmir history and culture tours. Foça is divided into two parts as Old Foça and Foça. This beautiful town, which is also home to the endangered Mediterranean monk seals; It is among the must-see places of Izmir with its stone houses adorning its cobblestone streets and shabby fish restaurants

Bergama, which has been the center of the Pergamon Kingdom for many years and attracts archeology and history curiosities from all over the world with its legendary Pergamon Ancient City, is located 110 kilometers from the center of Izmir. The quiet district, which stands out with its beautiful historical treasures, is in the position of an open-air museum.

The district that hosts the Bergama Museum, one of the most important archeology museums in Turkey; The Ancient City of Bergama, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, stands out with its magnificent stone architecture and is one of the largest mosques in the Aegean region, the Bergama Great Mosque, the fascinating Pergamon Zeus Altar, MS. The Red Courtyard (Sarepeion Temple), built in the 2nd century during the Roman period, the Bergama District Public Library with 14,000 books, and the Kozak Plateau, famous for its pine trees, are among the important places to explore during Izmir holidays.

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