Horma Canyon


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If you are going to have a holiday in Turkey and you are a nature lover, Horma Canyon and Ilıca Waterfall in Kastamonu should be among the top places to see.

The Horma Canyon has been transformed from one end to the other end with a structure that can be walked over 3 kilometers long wooden platforms, providing the opportunity to walk with an insatiable view from one end to the other, as if dividing the canyon in two from the middle .

Where is Horma Canyon?

Horma Canyon , located in Pınarbaşı district of Kastamonu , is 3 km away from the district center. Horma Canyon , which is one of the must-see places in the Western Black Sea Region with its natural riches, has recently revived tourism in Pınarbaşı to a great extent.

Horma Canyon

Horma Canyon hosts specially planned natural walking areas and resting points. The walking areas in the canyon were built by drilling holes in the mountain body, screwing the steel constructions and mounting wooden walking areas on it.

Horma Canyon

The Zarı Stream, which flows from the Ilıca Waterfall through the canyon, passes. Horma Canyon , which reveals all the beauties of the Western Black Sea Region , has a very convenient structure for trekking and is a unique place for canyon sports and nature photography. There is a 3 km wooden platform suitable for nature, where pedestrians can easily walk. Horma Canyon is a natural aquarium and attracts attention with its impressive giant stone cauldrons and endemic plant varieties specific to the region. The canyon walk ends at ILICA WATERFALL, another natural beauty .



Ilıca waterfall is located within the borders of Ilıca Village of Pınarbaşı, Kastamonu. Ilıca Waterfall is poured from a height of 15 meters. The natural pool formed where the water spills and its surroundings have an exotic appearance covered with various vegetation. After the pleasant walk in the Horma Canyon, the cold waters of the Ilıca waterfall and the coolness of the water flowing from the waterfall will drag you into a fairy tale world.

Horma Canyon

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