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Gaziantep, the 6th most populous city in Turkey with a population of over 2 million, offers an unforgettable trip to history, culture and gastronomy enthusiasts. In the city, where you can see the traces of thousands of years of long history in every corner, you can explore the neighborhoods with the most intact historical structure, such as Bey Mahallesi, where mansions of hundreds of years are lined; You can watch the city from a bird’s eye view from Gaziantep Castle, one of Turkey’s largest surviving castles, and take a break in Rumkale, which attracts photographers from all over the world with its unique view.
Many impressive museums and monuments that will make you relive the atmosphere of the National Struggle in the city, which received the title of “Gazi” due to the great heroism of its people during the War of Independence, also attract a lot of attention. Gaziantep, which fascinates tourists with the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, where priceless works from the city of mosaics Zeugma Ancient City are exhibited; With its fascinating local cuisine shaped over thousands of years, centuries-old bazaars, inns, historical mosques, beautiful and comfortable Gaziantep hotels and baths, it is one of the constant addresses of cultural trips.
While writing 70 places you must see in Gaziantep, we made use of Instagram tags and prepared a special list for you, with the most tagged places at the top. We have added the location links of the places to visit one by one so that you can start exploring Gaziantep, which is a paradise for both history, culture and architecture enthusiasts and those who want to taste new tastes.

Gaziantep Castle, which is one of the most important historical buildings not only of Gaziantep but also of Turkey and has become the symbol of the city, is a fascinating structure built on a high hill overlooking the region. Gaziantep Castle, which is one of the rare castles of our country that has managed to remain completely intact until today and was built as a watchtower in the Roman period about 6000 years ago, took its current form during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinianus, who is famous for building fascinating castles.
The castle, which is said to have 36 towers in Ottoman sources, has 12 towers today and these towers are full of tourists every hour of the day due to the fascinating Gaziantep view they offer. Gaziantep Castle, which underwent minor changes over time by the Mamluks, Dulkadiroğulları and Ottomans, was restored in 1989 in accordance with its original form. You can take pictures of Gaziantep’s most impressive sights, especially at night, from the waters of Gaziantep Castle, which is a must-visit for local and foreign tourists visiting the city, and where you can enjoy the interior.

One of Turkey’s and world-famous museums is located in Gaziantep. Zeugma Mosaic Museum, which is the second largest mosaic museum in the world and opened to visitors in 2011, has rich collections that attract hundreds of thousands of history, culture and archeology enthusiasts from all over the world every year.
In the museum, where you can see thousands of fascinating mosaic works decorated with religious motifs from the Late Antique, Syriac and Christian periods, the Roman period mosaics, statues, columns and fountains, which cover a huge area of ​​​​2500 m2 and were excavated from the Ancient City of Zeugma, attract a lot of attention. The 140 m2 wall paintings, the bronze statue of Mars, the bronze statue of Ares, the god of war, and the gypsy girl mosaic, known as Zeugma’s Mona Lisa, which you will immediately remember when we see it, are among the works that you should definitely see up close. You can visit the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, located on Hacı Sani Konukoğlu Boulevard, in Mithatpaşa Mahallesi, in the center of Gaziantep, between 08:30 and 19:00 in the summer period, and between 08:30 and 18:30 in the winter period, every weekday.

You should stop by Rumkale, which is located on a peninsula at the junction of the Euphrates River and Merzimen Stream, to watch a fascinating view that you cannot see anywhere else in Gaziantep. Rumkale, which has been used by many civilizations since ancient times and reflects the architectural features of Rome and the Middle Ages, is one of the places frequently visited by photographers from all over the world with its fascinating view on steep rocks.
You can also visit the St. Nerses Church and the Barşavma Monastery, and examine the stunning water cisterns and living spaces in the interior of the castle. In Rumkale, which is also visited by foreign tourists as it has a great importance in the history of Christianity, Hz. Yohannes, one of the best-known apostles of Jesus, lived and continued to spread the religion of Christianity here, and it is rumored that the Gospel of Yohannes was stored in a cave in Rumkale.

You can witness the fascinating panoramic views of the Euphrates River and Merzimen Stream from the area where Rumkale is located, which you can always reach with the small excursion boats you can find across the castle because the trench was disconnected. You can get information.

Bey Mahallesi, which is the oldest residential area of ​​Gaziantep city, is one of the constant addresses of photography tours as well as cultural tours with its hundreds of years old historical buildings. Bey Mahallesi, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s official registration is located, offers you an unforgettable travel experience with its impressive stone houses, mansions, mosques, baths and narrow streets dating back to the 1500s.
Today, some stone mansions of the neighborhood preserve their authentic texture and serve as museums, boutique hotels, cafes and restaurants. You can take photos of 2- to 3-storey mansions reflecting Gaziantep’s traditional architecture, visit important museums of the city such as the Ethnography Museum and Turkish Bath Museum, or take a break at a restaurant that is hundreds of years old and take a break in Gaziantep. You can relax by tasting the world-famous flavors of


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