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Antalya is one of the most important tourism cities in Turkey, hosting more than 15 million tourists every year. With its tens of blue flagged blue beaches, hundreds of quality Antalya hotels, huge resorts, international golf courses and priceless historical treasures, Antalya has many beauties to discover. Sea water temperatures are suitable for swimming even in November in Antalya, which is one of the cities that can be visited with pleasure in all seasons, where the mild Mediterranean climate prevails. The city, which experiences an average of 300 sunny days a year, is a holiday paradise that brings together the lush forests of the Taurus Mountains with the clean waters of the Mediterranean.

In Antalya, which hosts many international festivals throughout the year, you can see the beautiful bays and impressive underwater riches of the Mediterranean with boat and diving tours; With nature, history and culture tours, you can visit dozens of historical and touristic places with pleasure, from ancient cities of thousands of years to Turkey’s largest canyons, from national parks famous for their pine forests and deserted coves to ski resorts where you can have a winter holiday accompanied by Mediterranean views. In our article, where we list the most popular places that must be seen in Antalya, we used the most tagged places on Instagram for sorting. Starting from the most tagged place on Instagram, you can explore Antalya’s most popular spots. You can also see the locations of these beautiful places with the location links we have added.

Alanya Kalesi

Alanya, 133 kilometers from the center of Antalya, is one of Turkey’s famous holiday paradises with its hotels that host millions of local and foreign tourists every year, world-famous beaches, lively entertainment life, natural beauties and historical treasures. Cleopatra Beach, famous for its golden sands, Damlataş Beach and Incekum Beach are among the most popular blue flag beaches in Alanya, where you can find many accommodation options from 5-star hotels by the sea to boutique hotels ideal for honeymoon holidays.

You can explore the Red Tower, Historical Alanya Shipyard, Damlataş Cave and Dim Cave, which are symbols of the district, where you can watch panoramic Mediterranean views from Alanya Castle, with various tours or walks. You can take great photos in Tophane, which is located in the castle area famous for its historical houses in Alanya, stop by the Alanya Archeology Museum to see treasures from the Archaic to the Ottoman period, or to swim and dive in the turquoise coves with the excursion boats departing from Alanya Marina every hour. You can go on tours.


The small town of Kemer, surrounded by impressive pine forests behind and the deep blue Mediterranean in front; With its fine sandy blue flag beaches and quality hotels, it is flooded by people from all over the world who want to enjoy the sea. You can reach Kemer, which is only 43 kilometers away from the center of Antalya, by minibuses and taxis, as well as by ferry departing from Kaleici Marina. Tourism opportunities have come a lot both in the center of Kemer and in the seaside resorts of Kemer such as Göynük, Kiriş, Çamyuva and Tekirova. There are many facilities in this region, from 5-star holiday villages to bungalow houses built among pine trees and dozens of entertainment venues.

Moon Light Beach, in the center of Kemer, is the first place you should go to enjoy the sea and sun all day long, and to take evening walks. You can find dozens of live music venues in Kemer bars street or you can do pleasant shopping in the district’s bazaar. Kemer is also famous for its big nightclubs where world-famous DJs and musicians take the stage. You can swim in the bays of Olympos, Çıralı, Adrasan and Tekirova with the excursion boats departing from the marina, which is a short walk from the town centre, and watch the Mediterranean from a bird’s eye view with the Olympos Cable Car; You can explore Olympos Ancient City, Phaselis Ancient City, Göynük Canyon and Beydağları National Park with nature and history tours.


With its unique bohemian atmosphere, Kaş, one of the most beloved world-famous holiday paradises of both Antalya and Turkey, is a place worth seeing with its lively town center and azure beaches as well as fascinating ancient cities bearing traces of dozens of civilizations. Kas, located on the Andifili Coast, 188 kilometers from Antalya; It is a district that has come in terms of tourism with its boutique and villa hotels built on mountain slopes, fish restaurants along the coast, entertaining cafes and bars. Especially Çukurbağ Peninsula; It is at the heart of Kaş with its quality hotels, clean beaches, restaurants and beach clubs. The postcard-beautiful Kas coastline is among the most important boat and yacht excursion spots of our country, as it hosts many hidden coves and diving spots.

You can see a different historical treasure everywhere in Kaş, which was founded on the ruins of Antiphellos, one of the ancient cities of the Lycian period. The Lion Sarcophagus in the town center, Lycian sarcophagi spread over the mountain slopes, rock tombs, the ancient city walls near Kaş Harbor and the ancient theater are among the historical artifacts that you will definitely come across on your trip. You can explore many impressive places from the sunken city Kekova to hidden coastal villages by joining boat and diving tours in Kaş, where nature trips and bicycle tours are also very popular among the fascinating views of Kaş Bay.


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