Yedigoller National Park


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It is 42 km from Bolu in the Western Black Sea Region. The National Park, located in the south of Zonguldak in the north, can be reached by roads separating from Yeniçağa at the 152nd km of the Ankara-Istanbul highway and from Bolu at the 190th km.
Since the Bolu–Yedigöller route is closed (with snow) in winter, transportation is via Yeniçağa–Mengen–Yazıcık or Devrek- Yazıcık.


Yedigöller Basin, 1642 hectares in size, was taken under protection as a national park in 1965. Formed as a result of the basin sliding masses blocking the valleys,
connected to each other by surface and underground flows, 1500 m from north to south. It consists of 7 lakes arranged in a distance. Among the remains of the new Byzantine period found in the “Koyyeri” locality in the national park,
It is understood that the region was a settlement in ancient times.

Hidden Paradise on Earth Yedigöller
All four seasons of the year, nature generously offers all its beauty and grace in Yedigöller. Known for its autumn beauty, Yedigöller welcomes many nature lovers every season in recent years, especially in the autumn and spring months, Yedigöller is a riot of colors.

So what awaits you in Yedigöller? Walks with plenty of oxygen in the heart of nature, fabulously beautiful photo frames, waterfalls that you can reach by passing through the pathways, 7 beautiful lakes, smiling rocks, Pythagorean tree, observation terraces where you can enjoy fascinating views, the chance to get to know hundreds of tree and plant species closely, lots of wild animals and nature. more. Most importantly, a peaceful holiday in nature in bungalow houses…

If you want to get away from the tiring and overwhelming effect of city life and renew yourself in nature, we will be very happy to welcome you in a few days that you will set aside for yourself.

Yedigoller National Park

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