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In addition to being a country with all kinds of treatment opportunities within the scope of health tourism, Turkey will be the reason for your preference for your holiday with its natural resources and healing waters.
Natural water spas have an important place in the treatment of diseases with different characteristics in different regions of the country. For more detailed information on this subject, we recommend that you take a look at our Thermal spas page.

Kirsehir Thermal Springs

In addition to the unique beauties of Kırşehir, which has hosted various civilizations throughout its past history, there are also Kırşehir thermal springs, which are a source of healing. It is one of the important cities visited by tourists in the summer season, especially since it is the entrance region of Cappadocia. In addition to these, it provides thermal holiday opportunity in terms of underground resource richness. A thermal holiday by discovering all the beauties of Kırşehir will be very good for you. We have prepared a list of thermal holiday hotels below. You can enjoy the thermal holiday by choosing among these thermal hotels. At the same time, you can have a wonderful holiday experience with the unique thermal springs of many underground cities in Kırşehir.

In order to experience the unique beauties of Kırşehir province, you can prefer the spring and summer months for your spa holiday. Thanks to Kırşehir thermal springs, you can transform your holiday into a healthier one.

Sandıklı Hüdai Thermal Springs
The spa, which has been healing since the Phrygians, is eight kilometers from Sandıklı. Famous for its mud baths, the Hot Spring is a spa colony with its water baths and hot springs, natural saunas, certified facilities, apart villas and social facilities.

In the first Christian era, Archbishop of Hieropolis (Koçhisar), St. Michel, showed miracles by treating the patients in the spa, so Hiepolis was considered a holy city.

Sir WM Ramsey, in his book “History and Geography of Asia Minor” written in 1881, uses the name Pentapolis for Sandıklı, which he says is in the Phrygian land, and in this area Otrans (Çarhisar), Brouzos (Karasandıklı), Stektorion (Emirhisar), Hierepolis (Koçhisar) ) and five towns named Eukarjis. He even adds that Paulus, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, was a bishop in this region.

On page 315 of the Talmud, which tells the history of Judaism, it is reported that the wine and baths of this region were famous during the Phrygian era. It is understood from this that the healing waters of Sandıklı have been a cure for troubles since the oldest periods of history.

In the Phrygian period and later on, Phrygia was called Salutaris (Healing Phrygia) because of the hot springs. In Latin, instead of the word “Salut”, which means getting rid of troubles, today “HÜDAI” meaning “God bless”, “Healing” is used. The pools of old times are still the focus of attention of our guests.

Mud Baths
The most important difference that distinguishes Sandıklı Hüdai Thermal Spring from other thermal springs is the mud baths, which are famous all over the world. The healing waters of the spa, 500 m. It boils from different parts of an ongoing geological fissure. Sandıklı healing mud is obtained by mixing specially prepared soil with healing water of approximately 68 degrees. Thus, a mud appears at an average temperature of 45 degrees.

How to Make a Mud Bath?
This soil appears as a red clay with very little sand from near the hot springs. The clay that fills the mud bath tub with a thickness of 30 cm is turned into mud with the hot spring water poured over it, and is also made ready for the bath by chewing with the feet. The hot spring water is poured 3-5 cm onto the mud. thick for a while, it is cut and drained completely from the tub. Then, the patient lies inside the mud opened with a shovel, with the head out, and is covered with mud. This procedure is applied once a day for the patient who remains in the mud for a certain period of time (10-15 minutes). It has been confirmed by doctor’s reports that this mud bath is beneficial in all kinds of rheumatic diseases, neuralgia, neuritis, polyneuritis, fractures, dislocations, child paralysis and gynecological diseases.

Properties of Hüdai Hot Springs Water
Chemical classification; It is made with sulfate, bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, as well as bromide, carbon dioxide, arsenic, and radon. There are cations such as potassium, ammonium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, manganese and anions such as chloride, nitrate, iodide, hydrophosphate and hydrocarbonate in water. In addition, metasilicate acid and free carbon dioxide from gases were found. Its temperature varies between 62o and 68o. Its radioactivity ranges from 13 to 25, and its pH value is 6.6 or 7.

Kizilcahamam Hot Springs
Kızılcahamam, located in the center of Ankara Kızılcahamam district, consists of 2 thermal springs, the Kızılcahamam thermal springs, which have similar waters, as the Büyük and Küçük Thermal Springs. In addition to being a source of hope for women without children, it also heals many diseases. Large Hot Spring Spring is 47 degrees, Small Hot Spring Spring is 44 degrees. Kızılcahamam Mineral Water Spring is 19.5, Acısu Hot Spring Spring is 34 degrees, Acısu Spring is 37 degrees. These spa waters are used as drinking and bath cures. Drinking cures; liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines. It cures metabolic diseases. Bath cures; It is very effective on heart, circulatory disorders and rheumatism.

1- Kizilcahamam Great Spa
The facility, which has undergone several renovations until today, was made a little more useful with a final interior and exterior arrangement in 1985. With this change, the bathing areas with basins were separated from the section where the pool is located, and a navel stone was added and put into service again in another section. In addition, the number of existing changing cabins and private family cabins with bathtubs has been increased. The Physiotherapy department and administrative offices were also renovated in the spa building, on which a floor was added. The entrance is facilitated by placing turnstiles. Our spa, which has similar symmetrical male and female sections, receives an average of 250 people daily in winter and 5,000 people in summer. While the water capacity of Büyük Kaplıca, which is operated by the municipality, was 3 Lt/Sn and using its own natural source, in 1984 M.T.A. The water extracted from the well drilled by the

2-Kizilcahamam Small Spa
Men can enter this spa, which consists of an open dressing room, a bathing area with a basin, and a pool section, until noon and women in the afternoon. The average daily entry is 250 in winter and 400 in summer.

Yalova Thermal Spas

Yalova Thermal Spas is an initiative of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. The healing waters of our facility, which was honored by the Great Leader ATATÜRK with the words “This will be the water city of the future”, serve in areas such as massage, manual therapy, paraffin and acupuncture. It provides this service in an environment where green and blue meet.
It is a natural wonder that cannot be missed for sports activities. There is a gym, walking and jogging track, and it serves in sports branches such as table tennis, basketball and volleyball. It provides this service with unforgettable views around Gökçedere dam lake. You will never forget your walks to the waterfall with its magnificent natural beauty. Surrounding residential centers; Authentic tours to natural wonders such as Üvezpınar, Gökçedere, Yenimahalle, Ortaburun and Akköy; It guarantees that you will spend your holiday not only having fun, but also interesting places and different tastes.
Benefits of Yalova Thermal Spas
There are diseases in which hot spring waters are beneficial. These; It is beneficial for rheumatic diseases, digestive system liver, gall bladder diseases, kidney diseases and gynecological diseases.
Gastric juice: It is beneficial for stomach disorders and blood circulation.
Eye water: It is good for eye ailments.
Foot water: It is beneficial for rheumatic diseases, eczema and yeast infections.

Yalova Thermal Spa Facilities have daily tour programs.
* Excursions are organized to surrounding districts such as mansions in Yalova, Karaca Arberetum, Çınarcık and Esenköy.

* Trips are also organized to places outside the province such as Lake Iznik and its museums, Bursa Ulu Mosque and Green Tomb.

* Apart from the trips to Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa, different activities are organized in accordance with the plans prepared by the groups. Especially nature trips and sports activities are requested. Delmece Plateau, Erikli Plateau, Sudüşen Waterfall are the most well-known tracks. With many more activities, Termal serves all segments.

How to Go to Yalova Thermal Spas?
The facility consists of units located 12 km from Yalova City Center and spread over an area of 1,600,000 m². Gökçedere, Üvezpınar and Yenimahalle are the closest settlements. Access to the facility is very easy, the distance to the ferry port is 12 Km and the fast ferry port is 13 Km. Our guests who will use the sea route can reach the facility via Yeni Kapı, Kartal, Pendik, Eski Hisar Piers via Topçular [ Izmit road ] or to the city center, and from the center, by using Taxi, Minibus, Dolmus options for those who do not have a private vehicle.

Sivas Balıklı Thermal Springs

It has a unique place among the thermal spas of our country. The spa, which is not possible to find a similar one in the world due to its therapeutic feature, exhibits a scientific and medical miracle by “curing Psoriasis”.

The miraculous treatment of fish in the hot spring water at 36-37 degrees Celsius further increases the reputation and characteristics of this spa. Because the Kangal fish spa is the last source of hope for skin diseases all over the world that have not benefited from modern medicine until now.

Wounds of skin tissue that is irritated or formed from any infection; Skin diseases such as eczema, purulent acne and even “Psoriasis”, which is known to be impossible to treat in medicine, are 2-10 cm. sized Cyprinide (Carp) family Cyprinion Macrostamus (Beni Fish) and Garra rufa (Oily Fish) are healed by fishes and their traces are lost.

Those who bathe in the hot spring for the first time experience an indescribable chill. Because as soon as they enter the water, they see that thin, brown, gray, beige colored fish such as carp and goby begin to wander around the patient and clean the areas of the skin that show signs of illness. It takes 2-3 days for patients to get used to the fish. These fish without teeth remove the raised scabs softened by the water at 36-37 degrees Celsius, with slow mouth (lip) movements, without hurting or bleeding, and clean the skin until it becomes smooth.
Kangal Balikli Spa
In order to get a positive result from the treatment, it is necessary to enter the pool for 4 hours in 2 sessions a day for three weeks (21 days) and to stay in the water for a total of 8 hours. In addition, one should not neglect to drink a few glasses of healing water on an empty stomach in the morning. On the other hand, a relaxation and rest is observed in the body with the bubbles in the water boiling from the ground and the blows of the fish on the body. The treatment is completely without side effects and absolutely no drugs are used.

However, some patients’ hesitations become a subject if they recur later. No such case has been encountered so far in the researches. This spa, which we can call the number one spa in the world, treats not only psoriasis patients but also all skin diseases.

The hot spring water at 36-37 degrees, which is equivalent to body temperature, does not leave any sediment where it flows, clear and odorless, as well as its healing properties. There are many ions such as calcium, magnesium, selenium and bicarbonate in the spa water and it is suitable for bathing. It provides definitive treatment for rheumatic diseases, nerve diseases, fractures, dislocations, bruises and in some cases calcification, kidney diseases, especially ulcers, provided that you drink healing water on an empty stomach in the morning (at least 1.5 liters per day) and take a bath.

The spa is in a rural area and is in a green valley. There are two open and two covered pools, two swimming pools and changing areas for men and women, which can be entered separately. The pools have the capacity to serve up to 1500 people per day.

Due to the importance of the spa, a national symposium on Balıklı spa and Psoriasis was held on 17-18 June 1993 by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Cumhuriyet University, with the participation of many scientists from various universities.

Psoriasis (Psoriasis)

Dermatological disorders with hyperkeratosis.

Complementary treatment of chronic eczematous lesions, residual urticaria and neuroderms.

Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Collagen tissue diseases etc.)

Degenerative Joint Diseases (Calcifications)

Rheumatic Muscle and Soft Tissue Diseases (Fibromyalgia, Periarthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Epicondylitis etc.)
Waist-Neck and Pain

Moral Motivation and Conditioning Enhancement Exercise Programs.

Severe heart, liver and kidney failure and diseases
Patients with uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes mellitus
acute infections
severe circulatory disorders
Bleeding, runny and watery wounds
Varicose veins
Kangal Balıklı hot spring waters and general characteristics of fish:
The pH of the water is approximately 7.2, isothermal, and the temperature lasts at around (average) 35C throughout the year. Water has properties that make it drinkable. It is emphasized that the biological and therapeutic aspect of water originates from the Selenium (1.3; ppm) it contains.
However, psoriasis (psoriasis) has been the disease that has made the spa the most popular in terms of treatment. Fish are attracted to psoriatic plaques (or plaques of other skin diseases) that soften under the influence of water. As a result, the crusts are removed, a small bleeding occurs during this time, and the wound is exposed to the effects of water and sunlight. This procedure is also suitable for those with abscesses.

Thermal Health

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