Divriği Great Mosque


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Known as the Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital, this building complex is a complex consisting of a mosque, hospital and tomb. It was built during the Mengücek Principality of the Anatolian Seljuk State. The Great Mosque was built by Ahmet Shah, the son of Süleyman Shah; The hospital was built by his wife, Melike Turan Melek.

The Chief Architect of the building complex, which was started in 1228 and completed in 1243, is Hürrem Shah from Ahlat, the son of Mughis. The magnificent motifs reflecting the rarest and finest examples of stonework, created by the masters of Ahlat and Tbilisi, are found in many parts of the complex, especially the doors and columns. attracts the attention of the world. Another feature that makes this work different and unique is that none of the tens of thousands of motifs in the decorations, which are thought to be symmetrical when viewed from afar, but which are essentially asymmetrical, never repeat themselves; It is the revealing of the different beings in the universe in a magnificent harmony and balance by engraving on stone.

This masterpiece, which gains importance with its architectural style, balanced and harmonious design of ornament and covering systems, is at the top of the list of works worth seeing in the world. Evliya Çelebi stated centuries ago that words will not be enough to describe this fascinating work: “The language is barren, the pen is broken”. This magnificent monument, which fascinates those who see it, has been described by art historians with expressions such as “Divriği miracle”, “Alhambra of Anatolia”.

This masterpiece of Islamic architecture, which was included in the “World Cultural Heritage” list by UNESCO in 1985, is also under the protection of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

Divriği Great Mosque

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