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Bursa, which was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire in 1335, is one of the most ideal cities for making history and culture trips in Turkey with its rich history. Bursa, the 4th largest city of our country; It is a city where tourism opportunities are developed with fascinating architectural masterpieces from the Ottoman period, clean beaches on the shores of the Marmara Sea and untouched natural beauties. Bursa, where you can easily go by buying a flight ticket from many cities of the world and Turkey, offers you countless opportunities from boutique hotels with sea views to forest mansions on the skirts of Uludağ and thermal hotels where you can find healing in all seasons of the year.

The city, which is famous for one of Turkey’s most popular winter tourism spots, Uludag Ski Center, holiday paradises such as Mudanya, 700-year-old Ottoman villages, magnificent mosques, inns and madrasas that have survived to the present day in every corner of the city center, has a richness that you cannot finish even if you wander for days.


Uludag is the highest mountain in the Marmara Region with an altitude of 2543 meters, the most popular winter sports center in Turkey and the most touristic place in Bursa. Uludağ, which started to develop in the field of winter tourism with its first hotel established in 1933, is one of the most preferred places in Turkey for skiing today.

Uludag, where you can do many sports such as trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering and camping in the Uludag National Park, whose natural beauties are carefully preserved and surrounding it; With its ski resorts of international standards, 5-star hotels, forest mansions and bungalow hotels, it welcomes tourists from all over the world, especially in winter. You can explore Uludag, which is among the Bursa nature excursion routes, offering unique nature views with its lush green plateaus and glacial lakes on the mountain slopes, not only in winter but also in spring and summer with photo safaris, jeep trips and bicycle tours.


Uludag Ski Center

Located at the foot of Uludag, at an altitude of 2,543 meters, 31 kilometers from the center of Bursa, Uludag Ski Center is among the most popular and popular ski resorts not only in Turkey but also in Europe. In Uludag, where tourism opportunities are highly developed, you can have a beautiful winter holiday in 5-star ski hotels, bungalow hotels and wooden-architecture forest mansions that offer magnificent nature and ski slope views.

Uludag Ski Center, where there are ski schools providing training for all ages, covers a large area of ​​11,338 hectares. In Uludağ, where there are hotels at 1800 meters and ski facilities at 2200 meters, you can find many options such as ice skating, snowmobile and helicopter ski areas, as well as 2 kilometers of ski tracks. Uludag Ski Center hosts important winter festivals and sports organizations every year, and the hiking trails where you can take pictures of the magnificent winter landscapes attract a lot of attention, especially in the spring months.

You can easily reach Uludağ Ski Center, which is famous for its cafes where you can enjoy the ski views by the fireplace, and quality restaurants serving Bursa and world cuisines, by hotel transfer services, minibuses departing from Bursa center, taxis, your private vehicle or daily ski tours from Istanbul and surrounding cities. You can go.

Podium Park

Podium Park, which was put into service in Bursa Nilüfer in 2015 and has a large area of 85,000 m2, is Bursa’s most popular open-air shopping center. Located in a central location on Hatun Street and 70% of its land consists of green areas, Podium Park; With dozens of modern shops, restaurants, cafes, children’s playgrounds, a movie theater, amusement park, water park, tennis club, gymnasium where you can find all kinds of products, and an ecology pond where you can take a pleasant walk, Bursa is the place to both shop and have a good time all day long. It is also among the most popular places to go.

Podium Park


İnegöl meatballs, one of Bursa’s most popular local delicacies, Turkey’s most developed furniture industry, magnificent forests spanning 10 hectares and healing thermal springs, the town of İnegöl, which is almost the size of a city, is only 47 kilometers away from the center of Bursa.


Inegol, one of the largest districts of Turkey with a population of more than 250,000 and the 16th most developed industrial center of our country, has a very developed culinary culture due to the Caucasian, Balkan and Anatolian immigrants. You can see many quality restaurants serving Caucasian and Balkan dishes as well as delicious İnegöl meatballs in the district, which should be visited by those looking for new tastes.

Inegol forests of 100,000 hectares, decorated with linden, fir, beech, pine and oak trees, are one of the most beautiful places in Bursa where you can enjoy nature with its hiking trails and recreation areas. After tasting the delicious meatballs of İnegöl, we recommend you to visit İnegöl’s historical and natural beauties such as Oylat Hot Springs, Oylat Cave, Oylat Waterfall, İshakpaşa Complex, İnegöl City Museum, Alaçam Waterfall and Canyon.


Mudanya is one of the most touristic districts of Bursa on the coast of the Marmara Sea. Mudanya, which is preferred for both weekend holidays and summer holidays, can be reached with a 1.5-hour journey from Istanbul by ferry; It attracts a lot of attention with its advanced tourism opportunities, boutique hotels by the sea, cafes, entertainment venues and seaside tea gardens. Mudanya is the most developed district of Bursa in terms of tourism and hosts thousands of tourists every year.

B.C. The district, which has a long history dating back to the 700s, joined the Ottoman Empire in 1321 by Orhan Bey. In Mudanya, where you can visit the building where the Mudanya Armistice signed between the Entente Powers and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in 1922, as a museum, the Old Crete District, which is one of the best examples of 18th century architecture and famous for its charming roadside cafes, Yıldıztepe, which offers panoramic Mudanya views, is ideal for evening walks. Güzelyalı Beach and Mudanya Beach, Mudanya Orthodox Church and Uğur Mumcu Cultural Center, which are worth seeing with their mystical texture, are places that tourists definitely visit.

Mudanya also hosts the most beautiful beaches where you can swim in Bursa. Kumsal Beach, which is famous for its fine sandy beaches, Eşkel Beach, Ifce Beach, Coşkunöz Public Beach, Burgaz Altınkum Beach and Kumyaka Public Beach are the most popular Mudanya beaches where you can go to enjoy the sea and the sun. You can taste seasonal fish and local appetizers accompanied by Marmara Sea views at the beautiful fish restaurants lined up along the coast in the district.

Gemlik, which is one of the quiet and peaceful touristic districts on the shores of the Marmara Sea, surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides, is a place worth exploring with its Aegean and Mediterranean beaches, fishing villages by the sea, and the town center divided in two by the Karsak Stream.

Located 32 kilometers from the center of Bursa, Gemlik attracts attention with its historical richness as well as its natural beauty. You can visit the quiet Narlı Village and Karacaali Village, which are located by the sea, to get away from the modern world completely in the district where you can have a nice holiday away from the crowds in the Gemlik Bay views, apart hotels, hostels and boutique hotels.

Gemlik also attracts people every season of the year with the Gemlik Thermal Spring, which is only 10 minutes away from the district center and has healing waters rich in minerals. You should definitely stop by the Gemlik Open Air Museum with its 2600-year-old artifacts, which include ancient tombs from the Roman period. You can also attend the Gemlik Olive Festival, which is held every year at the end of August and lasts for three days, in Gemlik, which is famous for its quality olive vineyards and delicious olives, and you can buy dozens of products prepared with organic olive oils.



Iznik, where you can see the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture, is only 76 kilometers away from the center of Bursa. These famous tiles of Iznik, which attracts attention with its world-famous tiles as well as its untouched natural beauties around Lake Iznik, have also been used in many important historical buildings such as the symbols of Istanbul, Selimiye Mosque and Suleymaniye Mosque.


Iznik, one of the districts with the deepest history in Turkey, deserves a day trip from Bursa with its historical places and natural beauties. Green Mosque, one of the most important structures from the Ottoman period, where you can see beautiful examples of tiles, Iznik Hagia Sophia Museum, which is home to priceless historical treasures, the magnificent Iznik Castle, 5-star hotels and boutique hotels built around Iznik Lake, Sansarak, which is ideal for nature walks. Iznik, which has many touristic places such as the canyon and the impressive ruins of the ancient city of Nikaia, one of the oldest cities founded in Anatolia, is an open-air museum with its historical Ottoman houses. Nilüfer Hatun Tile Bazaar and Iznik Tile Bazaar, where you can buy Iznik tiles, ceramics, and local handicrafts, are the places you should definitely visit in the district for shopping.


Bursa Ulu Mosque, one of the first landmarks that comes to mind when Bursa is mentioned with its 20 magnificent domes, is located in the Hanlar District, one of the most visited places in the city, on Ulucami Street in Osmangazi district. Bursa Grand Mosque, which fascinates local and foreign tourists with its magnificence, was built in 1400 and was renovated after the earthquake in 1855. The mosque, where the silk cover decorated with pure gold covering the door of the Kaaba is also exhibited, is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman multi-legged mosque architecture.

Bursa Grand Mosque, which was built after the Niğbolu Victory in Yıldırım Beyazıt period, has a beauty worth seeing with its 20 domes, 16-cornered fountains, tiles adorning its 3.165 m2 interior, miniatures and wood carvings. Bursa Ulu Mosque, which is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey, where you can examine examples of tiles made with the Kündekari technique and Ottoman calligraphy, is one of the places that should definitely be visited on Bursa trips as both an architectural masterpiece and a peaceful sanctuary.



Gölyazı, which is 44 kilometers from the center of Bursa, is the most popular destination for nature trips in Bursa with its postcard-like scenery on the shores of Uluabat Lake. The history of Gölyazı, which is connected to the land by a bridge, dates back to BC. It dates back to the 6th century, and the town is home to important historical treasures, especially from the Roman period. After the population exchange, immigrants from Thessaloniki settled in Gölyazı, which has always been an attractive settlement with its beautiful location and fascinating nature during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, and today the majority of the population is composed of Thessaloniki immigrants.

Gölyazı, the scene of many movies and TV series with its untouched nature and fascinating lake views, is a place you should definitely visit to take wonderful photos with the colorful fishing boats lined up by the lake surrounded by thousands of years old walls and the Ottoman houses with stone and wooden architecture adorning its cute cobbled streets. You can go on boat and boat trips, join fishing tours in Gölyazı, where you can also visit for village breakfasts with organic products under the centuries-old plane trees on the beach and for raki fish feasts in shabby fish restaurants. you can take beautiful pictures of pelicans


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